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Resume | Bill Konersman

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Sony Imageworks

effects designer | animator

Smurfs (2011) : Produced various environmental and animated effects for the live action movie, using proprietary Houdini and proprietary tools.


Imagemovers Digital

effects designer | animator

A Christmas Carol (2009) : Developed and produced various effects, including the “magical rocket trail” for the Ghost of Christmas Past, the snow tornado, graveyard snow, and ash effects for the Ghost of Christmas Future, using Houdini, Renderman, and Nuke.

Mars Needs Moms (2011) : Designed the solar lens extractor effect using a custom Houdini volume shader. Produced various dust and rocket blaster elements, using Houdini, Maya, and 3d Studio Max with fumeFX.


Walt Disney Studios

effects designer | animator and tool designer

Tangled (2011) : Developed a procedural tree generation engine based on Houdini’s particle system, with the working name of “Vegomatic”. Disney has applied for patent protection for this tool, with co-inventor David Hermanson, who extended the original work to accomdate the pipeline.

Meet the Robinsons (2007) : Designed the “bubble” effect that transforms the “bad” future into the “good” future, and designed the volume rendering pipeline, using Renderman, Houdini, and Maya, and Shake.

Bolt (2008) : Worked with developers to implement a bullet solver, then used this solver to animate packing peanuts sequences, using both command line tools and Houdini. Contributed to the development and production of fire and water effects, Las Vegas signs, smoke trails, and other typical effects.


Sidefx Software

software production specialist

Consulted with studio production departments on integration of Houdini production software into their pipelines, assisted in the production of other Houdini related software tools, training in Houdini, and producing trade-show related visuals.


Disney Toon Studios

digital effects animator | technical director

Developing effects tools, engines and looks to be used by production facilities overseas, for dvd titles such as Bambi II and Tarzan II, using extensive mel and expression scripting in Maya.


Dreamworks SKG

effects animator

Sinbad (2003) : Developed and produced of various water, prop, and space effects, using Maya and proprietary software.


Disney Feature Animation

digital effects animator | technical director

Treasure Planet (2002): Developed look and pipeline for alien map, and for alien writing. Developed look and pipeline for steam and smoke. Wrote Renderman and Mantra shaders and animated black hole shock wave using Houdini and Shake.

Tarzan (1999): Developed, implemented, and trained crew to produce 3d/2d water in Houdini. Set up and animated plants and props, using Alias Power Animator.

Gone in 60 Seconds (2000): Wrote particle tool for dynamic gas tank exhaust plume; co-developed Jig render pipeline and look; animated and rendered twelve shots using Houdini and Shake.



visual effects supervisor

Pentagon Wars (1998): As Visual Effects Supervisor, supervised shot with the task of multipying one tank into eight, lit in an atmospheric factory. Compositied in Ice.


Warner Digital

cg lead | senior artist

Batman and Robin (1997): Various volumetric effects using Houdini and Maya, and Renderman.

Eraser (1996): Developed look and supervised crew to produce particle effects of the ‘rail gun’, using

Dynamation and Renderman.

Mars Attacks (1996): Supervised desert sequence, animated in Wavefront, composited in Composer, and wrote Renderman shaders.

Purell spot (2007): CG lead, developed and supervised germ animation; supervised motion control, using Softimage.

Twister (2007): Freelance work for RGA on main title, using Dynamation.



cg lead

Duck Dodgers in the 3rd Dimension: (1996) Modeling and lighting background sets in Prisms (precursor to Houdini). Supervised of crew for several spots.


R Greenberg & Associates/LA (now Imaginary Forces)

animator | technical director

Various special effects shots and title/graphics sequences. Partial credits include shots for Mortal Kombat (1995) and Se7en (1995), and the logo sequence for 1492 productions (1995). Developed storyboards for various title and logo sequences. All animation in Softimage, with compositing in Ice.


Mr. Film

cgi animator | art director

Responsible for motion capture and character design, animation, rendering, and compositing of special effects and titles for feature films, commercials, cd-rom titles, ride simulations and video releases, using Softimage, Digital Arts, Dynamation, and Composer. Partial credits include: Puppetmasters (1994), Technosapiens (1996), The Fantastic Four (1994), The Journey Within (1995), Yellowstone (1994), Digital Man (1995) , and The Living Sea (1995).


Pittard Sullivan Fitzgerald

director of design technology

Responsible for teaching a staff of 16 designers and creative directors how to use Macintosh programs in their design development and production. Responsible for investigating new software and hardware products and trends. Responsible for design and production of title sequences and computer animation, including CBS Saturday Morning bumpers.


The Mednick Group

senior designer

Responsible for design of program advertising for cbs, including special events and trade ads. Led design projects for various other clients. Introduced company to digital retouching and desktop color production on the Macintosh.




Design and production of motion graphics and title design. Clients include nbc, kron, pbs, mca/universal, and Intel. Animated Rock and Read (1989) childrens instructional video. Titles and interstitials for Don Mischer’s tv special “M&W Men and Women” (1988), animated to sound track by Bobby McFerrin.


University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)


Taught typographic design in the ucla Extension professional certificate program


Flora Film


Wrote and directed music videos for Prince (Sign O’ the Times), and Michael Franks (The Camera Never Lies). Art Directed Modern English (Ink and Paper).


Flower Farms


A flower delivery business with a retail outlet. Flower Farms pioneered the subscription business model for flower delivery, with an established base of 200 customers in the Pasadena area, and a 1200 square foot store, with classes in flower arranging and tours of the wholesale flower market.


Bill Konersman Design

designer | owner

A graphic design studio in Los Angeles with national clients such as Chiat/Day, Executive Life Insurance, Charter Cable, and Mitsubishi Bank. A very early adopter of computer technology in the graphic arts.



staff designer

Designed the rollout event for the introduction of Nutrasweet at The Magic Castle. Designed and produced other material for client projects and proposals.


DayRunner Inc.

founder | partner

One of three partners, along with Boyd and Felice Willat. Developed stationery and gift products and participated in the design of the ground-breaking DayRunner, later taken public on the NYSE in 1982. Activities involved all aspects of the startup process - production, marketing, design, supervision, finance.


Van Noy & Co.


Design for print and packaging for major LA-based agencies such as Chiat/Day and Keye Donna Pearlstein, and for clients such as Great Western Savings, Infinity Speakers, Honda, Warner Brothers, Redken, Yamaha, and more.

education & community

Graduated from UCLA with a BA in English Literature. Spent one postgraduate year in Paris studying cinema and still photography. Numerous technical and training seminars, and continuing education in art at Art Center.

Community work has included Executive Director of The Magic Window Project whose goal is to place art in the children’s areas of public hospitals, and mentorship at Five Acres, a live-in facility for at risk children in the care of the county social services division. Volunteered for several years at The Childrens Hospital, Los Angeles.